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holiday candles

Holiday magic: Last-minute tips for less stressful, more healthful celebrations

Last January, did you promise yourself that you’d simplify your 2012 holiday celebrations so that you could enjoy the season without all the stress? There’s still time to make that vow a reality. Whether you’re on edge because your clothes are already getting too snug, or you are feeling a shortage of “me time”, here […]

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Family Racquetball Game

This Father’s Day, here are five gift ideas to help dad get healthier

Your dad has dedicated his life to providing for his family but statistics show that he’s probably not as good at taking care of himself. The Centers for Disease Control reports that women are 100 percent more likely to go to their doctors for annual exams and preventive services than men. Even if dad feels […]

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Develop a Positive Outlook on Life

Life is like a road filled with twists and turns, stoplights, r­oadblocks and occasional detours. There are times you will cruise along for miles, and then other days when you’ll hit every traffic light along your commute. Regardless of where you are along your course, maintaining a positive outlook and can-do mindset will help you […]

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