8 Tips for Creating Nutritious Dinners in a Hurry

We’ve all had those evenings. A meeting that ran late, a traffic jam, one kid’s soccer practice or the other’s violin lesson … any of these schedule disruptions can lead to everyone getting home tired, hungry, and wanting dinner on the table pronto. Other than eating macaroni and cheese every night, what can you do? […]

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Gluten Free: Going Beyond Celiac Disease

Gluten: It’s the sticky protein present in many grains such as wheat, rye and barley, that gives texture and desirable baking qualities to a food. It is found in numerous foods such as breads, pasta, cereals, cookies, cakes and pie and it is also hidden in many sauces, marinades, food coatings and even cosmetics. It […]

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Why You Should Read Dietary Supplement Labels

Many dietary supplements have tremendous potential health benefits, from cholesterol-lowering plant sterols to fibers that help regulate the digestive system. Some dietary supplements can also help you get an adequate amount of nutrients if you aren’t getting enough through diet alone. But unlike prescription drugs, which must have FDA approval before they can be marketed, […]

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Lose Weight for Good with These Four Easy Tips

When motivation (or desperation) strikes, your knee-jerk reaction may be to reach for the most drastic, quick weight-loss solution. But there are two main problems with this approach. First, these programs are made for the masses so they don’t take into account dietary modifications based on your lifestyle. Second, they ask you to transform your […]

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Don’t Be Tricked by Halloween Treats

Having children has been an opportunity for me to apply everything I learned in graduate school about nutrition. When we moved to the suburbs and my children were little, our family contributed small boxes of raisins to the neighborhood’s Halloween bags. In the years to follow, we graduated to pretzels. As my kids got older […]

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